Monday, April 18, 2011

Tag Post

1. What is your favorite kind of pizza?
Fresh/Real Mozzarella with Mushrooms

2. Who is the most famous person you've met?
Sandra Oh.  We met her after her play in NYC, Satellites in 2006.  She met everyone that waited after the show and she signed my program.  I was a huge Grey's Anatomy fan at the time so that was exciting.

Hubby with Sandra Oh

3. What would your last meal be? 
Lobster, mashed potatoes, bruschetta, and strawberry shortcake.

4. Have you ever broken something and blamed someone else!?

5. If you could be any character in any Broadway Show,
- who would you be?
Well probably Eponine but she died, so Cosette.

6. What was your best subject in High School? 
Science, especially Chemistry and Physics, but also English and Math (surprisingly!).  Okay I was a goodie goodie and loved school and was obsessed with getting the best grade in the class (those teachers shouldn't have posted lists like that)!  

7. Describe your worst job ever. 

8. How many computers do you have?
One and my husband as a laptop.  He's a PC, I'm a Mac.

9. Describe your first driving experience.
Ugh, I was so scared to drive!!  So it probably wasn't good.  I didn't get my license until I was 19.

10. Show us your current favorite pair of shoes.
Lately it's my red rain boots.  Rain Rain Go Away!


carissma said...

Love your boots! I see you have your pants over top. I always struggle with whether it's fashionably ok to have pants over top as well as tucked in to rain boots. What do you think?

lake breeze said...

Thanks! If my boots were the traditional tall type I would totally tuck my pants in, I think that looks cute. These have a weird top though and I don't think it looks right like that. This is the link to the ones I have in black:***7********9848797*M100&stockNumber=9848797&showDefaultOption=true