Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Movie Review #3 - Hanna

I saw this last night, not knowing really what to expect.  I saw the preview and it looked cool, dangerous, scary, and The Chemical Brothers did the music.  Oh and Cate Blanchett is in it, which helped me want to see it at the theater.  I think I maybe had higher expectations for it, it wasn't AMAZING, but it was good and entertaining.  The other two movies I just posted about (Adjustment Bureau and Lincoln Lawyer) were better.  This is totally different though, really adventurous and full of action and suspense.  I jumped a few times and was creeped out.  I really liked the beginning in the forest/wilds of Finland, and then when she escapes capture and realizes where she is.  The second half of the movie felt forced to me, but overall I think this would be a good one to get on DVD or see it at the theater if you love action/suspense/combat/girl kicks ass type movies.

*I liked the actress, I just noticed she will be playing Itaril in The Hobit 1 and 2!  I can definitely see her as an elf.

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