Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fantasy Island

I read this article in my Allure April 2010 magazine and wanted to record it.

"The myth of eternal youth is being challenges by residents of a small Greek Island who are outliving the rest of the world.  Compared with Americans, the people of Ikaria suffer 1/5th the rate of cancer, half the rate of heart disease, and 1/9th the rate of diabetes.  Plus, they reach 90 with virtually no Alzheimer's disease or dementia.  Dan Buettner, a scientist who has studied them explains the likely reasons for their longevity.
  • They eat their greens.  There are more than 150 varieties of wild greens on the island, and some have ten times the level of antioxidants in red wine.
  • They stick to a Mediterranean diet.  This is the Mediterranean, after all.  People who fall this diet, high in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and fish, outlive people who don't by about six years.  Fruits and vegetables consumed soon after picking are also higher in disease-fighting compounds.
  • They drink tea all day long.  Many teas lower blood pressure-and the risk of heart disease and dementia.
  • They drink goat's milk.  Most islanders over 90 have been drinking it all their lives.  Goat's milk is richer than cow's in blood-pressure-lowering hormone called tryptophan, and it also has antibacterial compounds.
  • They don't worry about time.  Work gets done when it gets done, which lowers stress and cuts the risk of everything from arthritis to sagging skin.
  • They nap like toddlers.  Even just 30 minutes of regular afternoon dozing decreases the risk of heart attack.
  • They walk everywhere.  The island's mountainous terrain isn't conductive to car travel, so every trip out of the house becomes exercise.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

Back from our trip to Florida, perfect weather every day, very relaxing. I took a bunch of videos on my flip camera and I am going to edit it into an iMovie. Here is a snippet of the sun almost setting from our balcony.  More posts coming soon, the new Crate and Barrel Spring Catalog is fabulous.