Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Makeup

If you saw my makeup organization video, then you saw the amount of makeup I have.  

Guests will be staying in my guestroom though, so I had to clean out my makeup drawer, and will have to apply it in the bathroom or my bedroom.  I put everything that I don't think I will need for three weeks, and kept out my favorites.  This is what I have left and what I will be using for the next three weeks (plus two eyeshadow palettes):

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation,
Urban Decay Face Primer, Clinique Pore Minimizer,
Maybeline Dream Mousse Concealer, Physicians Formula Correcting Face Powder,
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, Milani Blush in Luminous,
and a MAC highlighter, Nars Laguna Bronzer

Urban Decay Primer Potion, Prestige Black Eyeliner, Rimmel Green Eyeliner,
L'Oreal Hip Purple Eyeliner, Make Up For Ever Navy Aqua Eyes Eyeliner,
L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara, Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion

Buxom Lashliner in Dark Blue and Sequined Black, MAC Paint Pot in Rubinesque,
MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked, Smashbox Eyebrow Powder and Gel,
NYC Eyeshadow in My Favorite Color

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA since June 1st, I think I have summer on the brain!  It doesn't officially start until Tuesday, but it unofficially started Memorial weekend.  Especially when it was in the 90s that weekend and has been nice ever since.  Makes up for that rainy April and May.  What are you looking most forward to this summer?  Here's my list and I hope to enjoy every second of these precious months:

  • sunsets at the beach
  • walking at the beach path in the morning
  • swimming!
  • hanging out with my Mom at her pool
  • reading books and magazines and more books! (my goodreads: 
  • lazy hair and makeup
  • flip-flops
  • flower clips in my hair
  • scary movie night on Monday nights with Tom, Mom, Aunt April and Uncle Mike
  • going to the movies more often
  • wineries
  • making s'mores
  • sitting around a fire at night
  • picnics
  • hikes
  • pool parties
  • Fourth of July
  • our SEVENTH wedding anniversary (Holy Cow)
  • Tom's parents coming from Scotland 
  • getting a new job
  • ice-cream
  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • watermelon
  • grilled food
  • girlie foo-foo drinks
Here's my beach-bag (got it at Forever 21), what's in yours?

Here's a great, EASY dessert to make for get-togethers/cookouts:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pepperoni Bread How To

Pepperoni bread is pretty simple to make and a great appetizer for an outdoor party (can be eaten hot, room temp or cold).

Roll out your dough to a long rectangular shape.
I get my dough from a local pizza shop.
My secret is that I add a very thin layer of marinara sauce.
Add the pepperoni.
Add mozzarella and parmesan cheese and roll up.
If it's too long for your baking sheet, wrap it around.
Brush olive oil on the top, sprinkle with parmesan cheese
and add a few slits to vent.
Bake on 400 for 30 min with foil covering,
remove foil and bake for 5-10 more minutes.
Slice and enjoy!