Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Fun

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!  Ours was pretty good and definitely filled without a lot of food!

I attempted to make Eggs in Purgatory for the first time for Good Friday.  I don't think it typically has mashed potato pancakes though!  I wasn't a fan, I'd try it without the potatoes.  My husband loved it though.

Saturday morning my Mom and I went to my little niece's house to color eggs!

Easter treats from the Easter Bunny!

Chocolate Truffles from World Market

Easter morning I made this meyer lemon pancake mix from World Market.
They were awesome!

Desserts I made:
Creamy Lemon Squares.
Recipe here:
I think I'd stick to a traditional recipe in the future
Bunny Bait!  White chocolate covered popcorn with Easter peanut M&Ms.
I got the idea here:


Anna Saccone said...

Omg! Everything looks so delicious! Wow, I love carrot cake, eggs in purgatory, popcorn, lemon cake and pretty much everything you made!! <3

Earth to Girl said...

Everything looks bright and colorful! Those Easter eggs looked like so much fun to make. Great pictures!

lake breeze said...

Thanks Anna and May! It was a nice weekend.