Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Lights & Traditions

I am big on traditions, especially around the holidays.
For one my husband and I drive around every year for a couple hours looking at all the lights (see video below).  We grab some coffee and take our time.  Just a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit.  Something that my parents did when we were kids, that now Tom and I do.  The street we used to go to as kids is still somewhat decorated, but not nearly as fantastic as when we were kids and the line of cars would wrap around the streets waiting to go down this one specific cul-de-sac.  

Another tradition was to walk two doors over to my Aunt's house on Christmas morning for breakfast and to see what toys her kids got.  As we grow older though, traditions can change.  So last year my parents, husband and I went to my brother's house instead for breakfast and to see my niece open her presents.  Not the same, but just as good in a new way!

I also have to watch certain movies at Christmas time:  Home Alone, The Holiday and an old black and white one, A Holiday Affair.  

My family also does a "round robin".  We basically start at one house, spend about 45 minutes there admiring the tree and eating an appetizer and having one drink.  Then we go on to the next house, about 5-6 houses that night.  We are doing that next Saturday and I will be sure to do a post on the food served and everyone's tree!

What traditions do you try to keep during this time of year?


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