Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I love Christmas, and I love decorations.  What's your decorating style?  Over the top like my Mom's, or sparce, or somewhere in between?  I think I'm in between.

We have a fake tree, which really made me sad when my family first got one as a teen, BUT we get to put it up before Thanksgiving and keep it up through Jan 8th, which is something you can't do with a real tree.  There's also something really sad about using a real tree for a month and then it gets tossed out. :(  Our tree is pre-lit which is awesome, and it has a remote which can change the tree to all multi colored lights, or all white/clear lights, or both.  We usually keep it on both.

With all lights on.

With only the white/clear lights on, totally changes it.

I would love to have a table full of nutcrackers one day.
So far I have two.  Santa with the bagpipes is also hanging out
on the mantle.

Russian Nesting Dolls and a Bagpipe Playing Snowman

I have an album of just Christmas photos from over the
years that I put out at this time of year.

My red dining room is perfect at this time of year!

I've wanted snowflake curtain lights for a long time.
Only Ikea seems to have them, and I am 2 hours from an Ikea.
Found them on ebay for $10.  LOVE.


Jay Fletch said...

I love the snowflake lights! I have been looking for some to put in my room, so I'll definatley have to look at ikea. I also love the idea of the Christmas pictures album. I love looking at our old Christmas pictures to see how much our family has grown over the years! Thanks for the great post!

xo, Jay

lake breeze said...

Thanks! Happy Holidays!