Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Decorating Continued

I enjoy collecting things.  I think I always have.  As a kid I collected Holiday Barbies (they are all still unopened in their boxes, maybe I can sell on ebay in 20 years!), pins from musicals I saw, postcards, seashells, and who knows what else.  

I don't collect a lot these days but I do like collecting ornaments.  Specifically unique Santa Claus ornaments.  My Mom and Aunts all have more than one tree and my Mom's special tree is an Angel Tree, my Aunt April's is an all Snowman tree and my Aunt Pam has a wine/purple tree.  My Mom also has a Gingerbread tree in her kitchen.  So I decided my thing would be Santa Clauses, one day when I have a bigger house and more trees I will have a tree that is solely Santa ornaments.  Here is my Santa collection so far:
Santa on a Vespa is fun!

I would also like to have a small tree with ornaments from around the world.  I have a few from Scotland, Canada and Florida.  I got this idea this year when I found some pretty ornaments at World Market:

The Scottish Nutcracker is also new from World Market.

Also this cute gnome from Etsy this year.

I also got these "picks" from Sam's Club yesterday to help fill in.  A set of 24 for $10.

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