Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tips for Smooth Silky Hair

I seem to be on a quest for smooth, silky hair every few months.  I find something I like and then my hair gets used to it and starts to get unruley.  Or maybe because my hair is getting a lot longer now.  I don't have a problem with split ends, but more with it snapping or breaking off.  I do have high-lighted blonde hair, so it's damaged.  I have tried the Redken Anti-Snap product as well as some of their CAT protein products, along with lot of other brands.  I was liking the Aussi 3 Minute Miracle too, but it isn't cutting it lately.  I may have to go back to the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream treatment as a conditioner.  

BUT, the other day I tried putting Coconut Oil on my hair (concentrated on the ends) and I left it on for 60 min, then shampooed and conditioned as normal.  I also used my Macadamia Nut Oil after towel dried.  My hair was AMAZINGLY silky smooth!  And it stayed that way for a few days, through washings etc.  I got it from Amazon, but I'm sure you can find it other places (health food stores maybe, I also cook with it, it's a healthy oil).  It is in a solid form so you can either warm it in your palms or heat a little in the microwave (15 seconds).  I really recommend this.

I also got the Macadamia Nut Deep Repair Mask to try out and that works amazing well also, about the same results as the coconut oil.  I also get it from Amazon, for a savings compared to buying it at a salon (or Ulta).  I would recommend either this or the coconut oil about the same.  The coconut oil a little less messy, but a little less costly.

The oil treatment that I put in damp hair.

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