Monday, October 24, 2011

Sephora Friends and Family Sale 2011

The Sephora sale started last Thursday, go here for your code:
It runs until November 2nd.  I didn't get too much this year, but this what I did get (I don't think I'll be buying anymore but you never know):
This is a staple for me.  I noticed I purchased it last year during this sale also, and I have about 1/3rd left.  So it lasts me over a year (not good about using it every night).  Love it.
The Stila In the Lights Eyeshadow Palette.  I LOVE Stila eyeshadows, maybe even more than MAC (ahh blasphemy).  I do NOT have the Urban Decay Naked palette and I contemplated it, until I saw this one which is $39 at full price (so cheaper) and if you add up the weight of the eyeshadows, these 10 actually give you a lot more product vs the 12 in the UD palette.  Excited to try it.
I bought this fragrance gift set for my Mom in Pure Grace for her birthday.  It's her favorite scent and with the discount came to $40.  

I also wanted to show you this magnetic nail polish my Mom added on to my order (for the free shipping).  She got it in the purple color, and I hope she lets me try it out too!!  It's pricey at $16 though, but with the discount it's $13.  I wish they had more than two colors.  
This is what I wanted to add to my cart, but I didn't.  I have it in the black and the dark blue.  The dark blue one of mine is starting to dry out and I want to replace it.  It's awesome!  Stays all day, love the color, etc.  Not sure it makes your lashes any better like it claims, but then again I don't use it everyday.

Anyway, what did you get?  

Ps.  I won't be neglecting this blog anymore now that summer is well over.  I have a bunch of posts planned, including an awesome discovery for how to get SILKY smooth hair with a natural ingredient (coming up tomorrow).

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