Friday, February 4, 2011

Healthy Lunches

Last week I decided to experiment with trying to eat healthy lunches.  I decided taking a picture each day would help hold me accountable and help me to really think about my choices.  It worked.  So here is what I ate last week for lunch for four days.  I tried to focus on adding fruits and veggies and cutting back carbs.

Day One:  Gourmet light turkey mini sub (these are salad plates)
with tomatoes, carrots and hummus,
grapes and pineapple and half a strawberry C monster drink
+ 1 dark chocolate truffle

Day Two:  Hard boiled egg, gouda cheese, carrots, tomatoes,
crackers, hummus, grapes, pineapples, chocolate discs.

Day Three:  Apple turkey sausage, hummus, crackers,
hard boiled egg, carrots, banana, half a blueberry B monster drink.

Day Four:  Mini bagel with peanut butter
and nutella, handful of nuts, and grapes.

1 comment:

Anna Saccone said...

YUM! These are all making me hungry just looking at them! Each one looks so good! <3