Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a good weekend and a sweet Valentine's Day on Monday!
Here are some cupcakes I've made on separate years in the past.

The frosting recipe is here:

And if you want something chocolate, then I suggest cake balls:

The funny thing is I won't be making anything for Valentine's Day since my sister-in-law volunteered to make the weekly Sunday dessert this week.  I may make some chocolate chip cookies for my husband's work though, we'll see!


Anna Saccone said...

Gosh these are all so're amazing at baking!!! Hope you have a lovely Valentine's this year :) <3

lake breeze said...

It's taken practice. I feel like an amateur in comparison to the food blogs I read. I do need to try some healthier baked goods though, like the cupcakes you made. We only eat a sweet once a week on Sundays at my parents weekly dinner, and sometimes it involves fruit. :)