Friday, February 25, 2011

Cabin Fever

Lack of posts lately is solely due to my CABIN FEVER.  
I cannot wait for Spring in the worst way!!!

We've been dealing with ice storms and this morning blizzard like conditions.  

"When will the icicle melt, the icicle icicle" 

This is Lake Erie- one of the huge Great Lakes that goes across to Canada (you cannot see the other side).  It was snow covered and frozen.  
Not sure where the beach ends and the water starts.  
Magical, like you are in Alaska.


This is the path along the beach that we love to walk during warmer months.  
One of my favorite places to be.  Soon...soon!!


Denise said...

Holy geez. The snow, while beautiful, certainly has a way of making one want to rip out all hair, yes?

Good luck with your cabin fever. Good remedies: wine, good books, more wine.

lake breeze said...

Yes true, good ideas! The good news is now spring is in just 1.5 weeks! I think I will survive. New posts coming up next week!