Thursday, February 11, 2010

Re-Decorating - Living Room Edition

Every spring (or wishing for spring that is) I feel the need to add little touches around the house to spruce things up a bit.  This week I have been having a hard time deciding on new throw pillow covers.  These are the ones in contending:

(These can all be found on by the seller: MARIESCOSYCUSHIONS).

I think I like the top two the best, to mix with some navy pillows, but I am not totally decided yet.  I've been watching some house shows on HGTV and it amazes me how fast decisions are made, when it is taking me forever to pick out a pillow!  Although I guess this isn't always the case with me.  I picked out my wedding dress on the third try on!

I will post before and after pictures when it is done.  This seller is in the UK though, so it may take awhile.

What decorating do you hope to do this spring?


May :: Earth to Girl said...

So glad to see you posting! I like the first and third one mostly because I like the light blue. I think the people on HGTV come to fast decisions because they edit out all the time it takes to make decisions or the people just do it all the time so they know what they like. I hope to get my craft room decorated this Spring!

lake breeze said...

I think I like the first one best. They describe the color as "duck egg blue". What a pretty shade of blue from looking at other sites for a description of this.