Friday, February 26, 2010

Etsy Finds

This is cute to hang off your keys for quick errands (there are many patterns, I ordered this one):
From etsy seller: cassylaintotes

And on my wishlist:

From etsy seller: prettyinposies

From etsy seller: handmadewithjoy


Kuparstwn said...

I won one of those keychain/wallets in a blog giveaway - from that very seller. I love it!

lake breeze said...

what a coincidence! I can't wait to get mine. She shipped it the same day I ordered it, so that was fast.

May :: Earth to Girl said...

She posted a new one with that print. It's really cute! I think I'm ok with my wallet purchase though.

Lova said...

Thanks for featuring my russian doll pencil case.