Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frozen Yogurt

Yay we finally got a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt place like they have all over California (Pinkberry, etc.), Yogurt Vi.  It's at Legacy Village in Beachwood and you get to serve your own yogurt AND the toppings.  The prices seem good especially with the sales they've been running (10-20% off certain days).  Love the strawberry and the vanilla and even the sugar free raspberry!  The topping selection is also great, lots to choose from.  Love the mini buckeyes.  Plus you are getting your live active cultures, better for you than ice-cream!

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May :: Earth to Girl said...

I never really think about these anymore but now that I read this post, I am missing all those self serve frozen yogurts! They really should have something like that here though.