Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Week!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and my friend asked me to do a haul on what I got.  Well I only got one thing this year with birthday money, because I wanted a new pocket-sized digital camera.  

Most of the haul is from Grove City Outlets in Pennsylvania.  It's about 1.5 hours away, but they have tons more stores than the closer Outlet Mall has, PLUS in PA there is no tax on clothes or shoes!!  :)  There are also some pictures of things I bought in February.  

Outlet:  The first scarf is more pink than coral,
and the second scarf goes great with my new spring coat.
The upper left bronze shoes are from NY&Co. outlet,
the other three are from various stores near me
(Kohl's for the bottom two, so only $10 each).
The upper right are coral, not orange.
I realized I threw away all my sandals but one pair last year,
so now I have these.  Bring on spring!
Outlet:  Black crop pants and two tanks,
one is coral and one is more pink.  I had $25 off at this store !
New Spring Coat (medium grey)!  Kind of a 60s swing coat.
Reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel would wear.
Outlet:  A new bathing suit for Tom.
Only $15 at Gap Outlet, can't beat that!
A Spring purse and a very functional cross-body bag.
The cross-body is so handy for shopping and errands, I love it.
(It's navy and light blue)
The black lace headband is from Aldo Outlet,
and the Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation is from The Cosmetic Company Store.
I think I saved about $5 on it vs. Sephora.  I needed a lighter shade.
I am loving those new Revlon lip glosses, and my coral Mac Dazzleglass.
How cute is that Nivea Cream Tin?  It's very thin and it was only $1.
Great for in your purse for cuticles or hands.
And the mineral face balancing powder is from Physican's Formula,
40% off last week at CVS.  I like it so far.
Here are some things I got at the Outlets for my 3-year old niece, EV for Easter.
Minus the book, I got that on Amazon, it's a really cute book!  Beautifully illustrated.
The socks aren't really for this outfit,
but look how cute those ice-cream cone clips are.
Always personalize a book you gift!  


May :: Earth to Girl said...

What an awesome haul. You seem to be tending towards pink and coral... or have you always? Cute stuff for EV too. :)

lake breeze said...

No, not really. I got the coral shoes first and then have been on the look out for things. I heard coral is the new color of the summer, and also that honeysuckle pink color of the other tank, which is just pretty no matter what is in! :)