Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn/Halloween Decorating

I don't have that many Halloween decorations, no where near the amount my Mom has.  She is a Halloween baby so everyone feels the need to buy her a new decoration each year for her birthday.  Maybe I will take some pictures of her decorations next time I am over.  

Halloween is a big deal in our family, it always has been.  Within the last 15 years or so (since my parents moved two doors down from my Aunt's house), we have had this tradition of going to her house before trick-or-treating time, and eating soup over there.  Then the kids would go trick-or-treat and come back afterwards for a Halloween Birthday Cake.  I could also do a post on the cakes I have made her through the years.  We also all like to dress up and go out on the weekend.  

Anyway, you would think I'd be more into decorating for it, I just haven't for some reason!  I don't even think I bothered last year.  Probably something to do with my neat-freak ways, but this year I got out my decorations.  I also bought two orange big plastic containers from Target to store my items all in one place.  One container for decorations, and one for costumes.  It was bothering me how, yes they were in one place, but in a few boxes and kind of shoved into a tight cupboard in the laundry room.  Now with the containers Tom can put them in the attic when he goes up there to get our Christmas decorations down.

(it helps to already have a red dining room)
Halloween Decorations

Living Room:
Normally I have a beachy/ocean feeling in here, I take those items down for Christmas decoration, but I just left them out for now.
Halloween Decorations
(The ghost is new and he lights up).
Halloween Decorations
(Haunted house that you light a candle inside of).
Halloween Decorations
(Bought the orange lights today).
Halloween Decorations

Do you decorate for Halloween/Fall?

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